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e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

Are you wasting your time on handwritten signatures on various documents?

  • Too many documents to sign
  • Sometimes I have to go to the office just for only sign document
  • The time to sign has become a burden on my work (I want to concentrate on my main business)
  • Get tired when signing
  • Very troublesome because it is a sign of kanji

About e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt and Digital Signature

In Japan System We support the introduction of e-Tax invoice & e-Receipt and digital signatures, one of the nine DX measures promoted by the Thai Revenue Service.

What is e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt?

Refers to the use of tax invoices,electronic receipts, and digital signatures. Automatic date and time stamp

What is a digital signatures?

Digital signature and electronic signatures it is the information attached to the Invoice & Tax Invoice document sent to show the identity of the sender of the document. Not just placing a picture signature on the tax invoice but it also uses digital technology to prevent unauthorized use, signatures that enhance security and convenience with data encryption technology, including time stamps, etc.

Benefits of introducing e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt and digital signatures


Saving tax invoices on your own server or cloud server allows you to secure storage and without the risk of document loss.


Copies of the certifications are stored on the IRS server. (Tax office)


There is no need to go to the office and sign.


Eliminate the risk of misuse of signatures by clarifying who signed when and being able to verify them clearly.

e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt and Digital Signature Mechanism

For the introduction of e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt and digital signatures,

In addition to the application process for various services It is also necessary to introduce (and build) a system that meets the requirements of the Thai Revenue Office, Japan System, operates everything from the application process to the introduction and processing of tax invoices, electronic receipts, and also digital signatures on electronic documents.

Cost reduction example by introducing e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

Tax Invoice (Paper medium)

Use paper :

0.8 Baht/set

Printing fee :

2 Baht/set

Storage material :

0.02 Baht/set

Delivery fee(EMS) :

37 Baht/set


39.82 Baht

Monthly cost when the circulation is 1,000 copies / month

39.82 Baht×1,000 = 39,820 Baht / month

    Monthly 39,820 baht + labor cost reduction!