Our company's own system will improve problems and problems related to your company's management

We propose remedial measures from the viewpoint of "IT" from the viewpoint of each client's business condition and business tasks We use IT planning, server and cloud system to provide optimal network environment tailored to clients, It is possible to develop a system that responds to client's requests, such as designing and building of the system.

Prodct management system

Increase in costs due to soaring labor costs, increase in losses due to human error and management failure, I think that there are many problems if you depend on human tactics. Introduce the system, aim to cut 10% of personnel expenses?

Because our system is really easy to use anybody can easily understand how to handle it. You can input your data directly without having any troubles, and you can improve labor effectiveness because our system is dramatically simple and easy to use. You can cut time 50% of usual system for training workers. And also you can reduce your stress since you can customize contents of system and documents for each customers.

We can do introduction test using production management system for free!
Even if you explain the contents of the system on a paper basis or you are doing a demonstration, you do not know whether it really matches your company or whether employees can master it.

So, by using the system in the actual environment, you can try out the usability of our system and whether it matches the company.
In other words, you can introduce with confidence.

We will thoroughly support you until you get to use the system!
Even if you put the system in, you will not be able to use it if you can not master it.
Also, in order to master the system, it takes a lot of labor and we know that the effect of introduction is busy but it is often said that we can not work.
We will train thoroughly until the staff can master the system!
Later support will also be performed so that customers can master the system and increase efficiency.
Since we are also contracting the system operation of your company, we will support every day so that employees can accept and use new systems.
Of course, we can also contact you not only for our system but also for IT for the whole company.。

You can reduce the initial cost of implementation.
In order to introduce the production management system, we believe that it is necessary to maintain infrastructure environments other than systems such as large capacity servers.
When processing data increases, it is necessary to use the corresponding server, but our system is not large compared with the capacity of other systems, so we will introduce the server from the beginning according to the amount of processing data No need to.
It is also possible to replace the desktop PC with a large capacity.
Then please introduce the necessary server according to the amount of handling information.


Even if it is not our own sales system, we will maintain and maintain servers and network infrastructure!
We are building infrastructure too much, you do not know what company you bought from, and no company maintains maintenance.
Recently, the movement of the system is getting worse and important information will disappear if it breaks down so please take care of it somehow.
We often ask such inquiries.

Please leave it to us.

System Development

Our competent programmer will do system development on request!
The number of programmers has decreased, and it is getting harder to secure talented people.
At such time, if you can hear from us, our competent staff will develop the system.
We are educating our staff about working at a Japanese company.
We will respond smoothly to business you requested and other correspondence.

Construction of Office networking

We will design the optimum network environment according to customers by using server and cloud system.
Timely information sharing is possible not only in the company but also with the headquarters, and reporting work can be simplified.
We will take responsibility for maintenance including server and cloud use.